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Applied kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a comprehensive method of diagnosis and treatment. The process includes a biochemical, emotional and structural evaluation while utilizing gentle and precise manipulation of the spine and extremities. Whether you need help for back pain, digestive health or a general natural medicine consultation, Dr. Allen can help you with the use of Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Zack Allen is a certified AK practitioner.

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Also known as Regenerative Injection Therapy, is a reliable and effective treatment for chronic pain. Using injectable healing substances, primarily dextrose solution, prolotherapy allows the body to regenerate torn or injured ligaments and tendons by stimulating the natural healing process in a focused area of the body.

Musculoskeletal pain
Back pain
Sacroiliac sprain
Neck pain
Sports injuries
Knee injuries and pain
Shoulder injuries and pain
Rotator cuff tears or syndrome
Elbow injuries and pain
Tennis or golfers elbow
Ankle injuries and pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic tendonitis
Partially torn tendons
Ligaments and cartilage
Degenerative disk disease
Herniated discs
Cartilage injury
Cluster headache
Migraine headache
Heel spurs
Hip Degeneration
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Ortho-Biologics is a specialized form of Prolotherapy that utilizes resources from the human body.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic Fluid, Placental Tissue Matrix (PTM), IV Stem Cells & Exosomes.

PRP is harvested from the patient's own blood. It utilizes the regenerative properties of the concentrated growth factors found in platelets combined with their plasma (the liquid portion of the blood). PRP is about 3 times more effective than dextrose alone.  However, the post injection soreness is greater, as it harnesses the healing effects of stronger localized inflammation. The other ortho-biologic therapies tend to have a more anti inflammatory effect, meaning less soreness and more immediate pain relief.

Amniotic Fluid : Amniotic fluid has a phenomenal world-wide reputation as being the perfect regenerative medicine product. It has a wide range of growth factors, cytokines, beneficial proteins, cells, and nutrients. It is nature’s own recipe for tissue growth and regeneration.

Placental tissue matrix (PTM), contains Growth Factors, Collagen and BioActive Molecules for a similar but more concentrated regenerative capacity than amniotic fluid.

Stem cell therapy is used for systemic regeneration and anti-aging via intravenous delivery. This includes but is not limited to orthopedic (musculoskeletal) applications. BioGenix uses exclusively umbilical cord stem cells. Umbilical cord tissue retrieval, which takes place immediately after the umbilical cord is cut upon delivery, is non-invasive and ethically sound. In addition to containing mesenchymal stem cells, umbilical cord tissue is a source of growth factors that also play an important role in regenerative medicine.


Joint degeneration and incomplete healing are often related to inadequate oxygen in the structural tissues of the joint. Prolozone is a treatment that addresses this inadequate oxygen by injecting Ozone (O3) directly into the joint space. Adding oxygen improves any area where the pain is an issue. If pain is present but therapeutic inflammatory stimulation is not necessary, the doctor may recommend prolozone instead of, or in addition to other prolotherapy treatments. The use of ozone for prolotherapy helps eliminate chronic localized pathogens that can contribute to joint instability, dysfunction, and pain.

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Mind Body Medicine

Dr. Allen integrates his body work with Encoded Memory Technique (from Dr. Tim Francis) and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) which resolve the mental and emotional components of disease and address the underlying causes of many physical symptoms.  NET reinforces structural work by reducing nervous tension & improving adrenal stress. He also utilizes muscle energy techniques (from Ross Emmett) and craniosacral therapy to reduce tension in the body and rebalance the nervous system. This improves digestion, headaches, back pain, and other stress-related illnesses.  His unique style of medicine enhances body awareness and self healing abilities, using a dynamic form of meditation, called Autogenics or Functional Integration.  Autogenics involves body scanning, progressive relaxation and psycho-somatic “evacuations” of deep, chronic stress from the nerves and muscles. Dr. Allen learned Autogenics from the late Phil Powell, who was an accomplished educator, highschool administrator and sports performance specialist.

How it works

Initial Consult & Treatment:
45-75 MINS
Follow Up Treatment: 15-45 MINS

Therapies & Procedures
Spine & Extremity Adjustments
Prolotherapy with Dextrose
Platelet Rich Plasma
Prolozone & Systemic Ozone
Trigger Point Injections
Dry Needling
Craniosacral & Muscle Energy Bodywork

Insurance Accepted
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