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Dr. Zack Allen - Regenerative solutions for optimal health, Kauai Hawaii
“From the very first visit with Zack, I felt comfortable and confident in his ability, attention to detail, education and intuitive wisdom.”

- Rochelle Ballard, WSL World Tour Surfer

As a primary care physician, Dr. Allen is dedicated to helping people improve and restore their health,

well-being, and quality of life, using natural medicine. With a focus on healing injuries and back pain with regenerative therapies, he uses a broad range of safe and effective natural medicine modalities to treat both acute and chronic diseases. His application of cutting-edge science and the art of natural medicine sets him apart as a doctor, as does the attention he pays to the patient's mind, body and emotions.

Dr Zack Allen - Interests and Expertise

Interests and expertise

Areas of interest and specialized skills include sports medicine and rehabilitation, regenerative injection therapy, spinal manipulation, applied kinesiology, chronic back pain, natural hormonal balancing, nutrition, environmental toxicity, digestive health, adrenal fatigue, healthy aging, and aesthetic medicine.

Dr Zack Allen - Confidence in You

confidence in you

As a patient of Dr. Allen’s, you’ll be encouraged to express your concerns and ask questions about how natural medicine can help you, as you begin a personal health transformation built on a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Dr Zack Allen - Natural Healing Power


The rapport you build will be the foundation for effective procedures and customized natural medicine treatment plans aimed at profound regeneration of your body. The correction of your back pain and other ailments will result from a medical approach that honors and supports the healing power of nature.

Come see Dr. Allen for all your Natural Medicine needs.

Injuries: Personal · auto · work · Back Pain · Arthritis · Fibromyalgia
Chronic Pain · Stress Management · Allergies
Adrenal Fatigue · Hormonal imbalance · Menopause
Neurological Conditions · Anxiety · Depression · PTSD
Heart Disease · Weight Loss · Digestive Problems
Healthy Aging · Scar Therapy · Skin Rejuvenation
Athletic Performance · Body Awareness